Tim Mulkerin

tim mulkerin

Tim Mulkerin is a freelance writer who lives in Tucson, Arizona. He worked really hard for an art history degree before he realized that writing about games and entertainment was what he really wanted to do for a living. Really, it should have been obvious given how he tried to skew every essay assignment towards games in one way or another. You can say hello on Twitter @timmulk.

Pocket Platoons

Pocket Platoons Review: Tasteless and Not Fun

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Platforms: iOS, Android

These days, we have endless choices for mobile games. Few games stand out. Those that do are innovative, or at the very least, moderately fun. Unfortunately, Pocket Platoons is neither. It feels like it was cooked up in a lab to be the next Farmville, and it’s not fun. Set in WWII, Pocket Platoons is a combination of two genres. The first is where players design and customize a base from the ground up using in-game currency to purchase decorations. The second is the turn-based strategic combat game, similar to Fire Emblem. Read More