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Odette Moroño

BA in Anthropology and an MPH Candidate at Boston University.

Wellapets asthma education virtual pets

Review: Wellapets

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Wellapets is an app that teaches kids how to take care of their asthma by having them take care of a cute dragon that also has asthma. I came across Wellapets after reading about their launch on bklynallergymom.com. The app sounded interesting, as well as fun and educational, so I decided to give it a shot and downloaded it on my iPad for free. The app is also available on both the Android and the Google marketplaces.  I had been looking for something to help my 10-year-old brother with his asthma, so this was quite timely.

Like Club Penguin, another one of his favorite games, Wellapets lets him look after his pet and collect decorations for its house. But he also has to care for his pet’s asthma! Thus far, I have been very impressed. Read More