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Nicole is a lot of things, all the time. Primarily she is a single mom who games, with a 4-year-old who loves it too. She is a paralegal by day and a waitress by night--writing, reading, gaming and helping charities keeps her out of trouble. She has a lot of aspirations, and she is always very passionate and known as a "doer."

the last tinker

[OPINION]  The Last Tinker: When Good Games Make Bad Choices

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The question “what is your favorite color” is especially difficult in The Last Tinker: City of Colors. You are trying your darndest to reunite the people of Colortown and fight the Bleakness, which is sucking color and joy from their world. The Last Tinker’s gameplay is creative, with puzzle elements and hidden objectives. There are several difficulty levels and customization options, including controller use and an easy mode for kids. The art style and whimsical touches drew me in from the first trailers.

However, I have some pretty big issues with this game. Issues that, frankly, put me in a position to not be able to truly recommend the game as a “must play,” especially for children. I know it’s adorable, and it’s smart and innovative in a space that desperately needs all of these things.  I want to love it—but I just can’t.

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kingdoms of amalur: reckoning

“My son and I play some games together, but once he goes to bed the gloves come off”

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We’re thrilled to welcome writer/gamer/mom Nicole Nymh as a regular contributor to Pixelkin. She’s going to be sending us tales from her gaming life twice a month. Don’t forget to tune in! –Linda Breneman, managing editor.

I figured I would start my time on Pixelkin with an introduction.  I am mom to a fantastic (if a little rough around the edges) four-year-old, pink boy with his own iPad and a killer train obsession. I am divorced. I work hard on a daily basis to provide my son with every single thing I believe he deserves. Sometimes, though, I have to remember that I deserve things too: namely books, food that isn’t good for either of us, and games. My son and I play some games together, but once he goes to bed the gloves come off and I dive in to new and old games alike. Read More