Mark Chen

Mark Chen

Mark Chen is an independent researcher of gaming culture and spare-time game designer. He holds appointments at Pepperdine University, UW Bothell, and University of Ontario Institute of Technology, teaching a variety of online and offline courses on game studies and games for learning. Recently, Mark was a post-doctoral scholar at UW Seattle in the College of Education, working with Computer Science & Engineering’s Center for Game Science on evaluating science and math games. He has a new(ish) book out based on his dissertation work on learning in online games titled Leet Noobs: The Life and Death of an Expert Player Group in World of Warcraft. He holds a PhD in Learning Sciences/Educational Technology from the University of Washington.

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Parents, Play Some Games!

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There’s no question that games are everywhere now. We’ve got game commercials during prime-time TV, about half the people glued to their mobile phones during the morning commute are playing games, and Angry Birds have even invaded our beloved Star Wars. It goes without saying that teens play games. In fact, a 2009 PEW study found that 97% of teens play video games. Amazingly, the same study indicates that 53% of adults of all ages also play games. These adults might be spending more time on Candy Crush than Call of Duty, but they’re still gaming. Read More