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Kelly Allard is an Associate Editor for Engaged Family Gaming in the far reaches of Upstate New York. She was raised on family card nights and thought playing poker with wild cards was a “kid’s game” by the time she was five. Like many a geek-parent, she spends her days in the clutches of Corporate America playing buzzword bingo and longing for some time with her Xbox! When Kelly isn’t working, she’s usually engaging in Live Action Roleplaying, tabletop roleplaying, board games, comic books and classic fantasy novels with her pre-school daughter and husband.

Two children, a boy and a girl, wash dishes in a bucket.

Turning Chore Time into Fun Time: Gamification in the Home

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This article originally appeared on, a website dedicated to providing families with the information they need to make informed gaming decisions. We’re happy to announce that we’ll be regularly crossposting articles from Engaged Family Gaming. This post from Kelly Allard explains how gamification can work in the home to motivate family members.

Recently there was a post that went viral informing children that they were grounded, and of the conditions of their release from punishment.  In order to be allowed out of the house, the children were told that they needed to complete tasks on the list worth a total of 500 points. Tasks ranging from watering plants for 10 points to completing a load of laundry from start to fold for 100 points. Read More