Kelli Dunlap

kelli dunlap

Kelli Dunlap, PhD, first became interested in the interaction between video games and mental health while studying psychology as an undergraduate. Her integration of video games and video game culture into the therapy room helped her to quickly establish rapport and trust with clients. Dr. Dunlap used her knowledge of video games not only to rapidly build a therapeutic alliance, but to explain psychological constructs, model behaviors, and provide a space for her clients to feel empowered, competent, and safe.

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APA Says Video Games Are Beneficial

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Did you know that earlier this year the world’s largest organization of psychologists recognized video games can be good for you? In January 2014, the American Psychological Association (APA) published a paper outlining the benefits of playing video games. This paper, called “The Benefits of Video Games,” and authored by Granic, Lobel, and Engles, is part of a growing body of scientific literature investigating the benefits of gaming. This paper is exciting and validating for gamers, friends and families of gamers, and those conducting video game research. Since papers like this can be difficult for non-professionals to digest, I decided to explain the findings using terms and examples anyone can understand. Read More