Jason de Kanter

Jason de Kanter

Jason grew up a PC gamer from the days games came on cassette tapes. He has worked as a writing teacher, and knows his continued interest in gaming creates a shared vocabulary with young people. Jason loves bringing new players into the gaming hobby. His preference is for multiplayer games–particularly ones where players can form their own communities to work together. You can catch him blathering on at length about various issues with geek culture at KitschKobold.blogspot.com.

[Review] Revolution 60

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Roleplaying games can enable us to do things only possible in our imagination. They can let us fly, conjure magic, or save the world. My favorite roleplaying games, however, are those that still keep us anchored to realism in some way. These games present us with no easy choices and with substantial consequences for choosing poorly.

Revolution 60 is a game that challenges players to move forward and make decisions while never knowing anything for certain. It is a game of making calculated risks and working with whatever the outcome may be. If you are looking for an accessible iOS game with solid sci-fi storytelling to share with your kids, Revolution 60 is the right candidate.

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Help Your Kids Become Responsible Online Citizens Through Guilds

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When I was growing up I was part of school-sponsored sport teams, drama societies, and sci-fi clubs. What my friends and I enjoyed most, though, were the unofficial clubs we came up with on our own. While groups like Carnival Crustacea, The Diabetic Strike Force and Friends, and the Barracuda Party may have had a sillier tone than our school-sponsored clubs, we had loads of fun organizing these groups.

Online gaming can offer similar opportunities for kids to practice leadership and teamwork through forming in-game clubs—known to most gamers as “guilds.” Guilds are focused on group content in a single game or many. I’ve been in guilds where all members knew each other offline, either prior to or as a result of their in-game relationships, but most guilds are made up of a blend of real-life friends playing together with fellow players they met online. Read More

wildstar review

[Review] Wildstar: Vegetables are Friends, Not Food

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Last month saw the release of WildStar, a T-rated massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) created by the Carbine Studio and published by NCSoft for Windows PC. In WildStar, players and their friends explore the planet of Nexus in a fantasy sci-fi Western setting, defeating enemies, finding long-lost ruins, and rescuing adorable root vegetables along the way. The game is fairly easy to play with a little practice, but still has options that manage to challenge even the most seasoned MMORPG veterans. With these diverse gameplay options and a focus on encouraging group play, WildStar shows a great deal of promise for families looking to game together. Read More