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jakejames lugo

Jakejames Lugo is a freelance writer who has worked in video game journalism for more than four years. He has worked with various websites including IGN, The Koalition, and Shifted2u. Jakejames loves playing games with a good story and a fun world to be immersed in.

final fantasy ball

Games Become Real in the Final Fantasy Ball

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Final Fantasy is one of the most storied role-playing series of games ever created. The franchise’s history spans through generations of gamers worldwide. Fans have shown their enthusiasm by creating costumes, music, and other elaborate forms of art based on their love for the series. But one group from northern Florida took their passion to a higher level and created the Final Fantasy Ball, a stage show that brought the heartfelt storytelling and emotion of the series to life. Read More

final fantasy explorers

Final Fantasy Explorers Preview: Hunting the Summoned Monsters

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If you’re a fan of the Final Fantasy games (like me), then you will know about the over-the-top summoned monsters that the series is known for. Gorgeous visual effects and powerful abilities are trademark characteristics of these magical entities. However, things are changing with Square Enix’s ongoing role-playing series. Final Fantasy Explorers for Nintendo 3DS has you battling the fabled summons of the Final Fantasy universe rather than calling them to your aid.

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Ori and the Blind Forest

What Ori and the Blind Forest Can Teach Us About Nature

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Ori and the Blind Forest, a game made by Moon Studios, is filled with gorgeous visuals, beautiful music, and interesting gameplay. These attributes make it one of the best games on the Xbox One. But besides being a fantastic game to play through, Ori and the Blind Forest portrays ideas that make the total experience much deeper. Ori and the Blind Forest is a game that teaches anyone who plays it fundamental principles and lessons about nature. Read More