Isaac Meyer

Isaac Meyer

Isaac Meyer is a PhD student in History at the University of Washington specializing in modern Japan and modern China. In his (very limited) spare time, he writes and produces the History of Japan Podcast, and still finds time for video games on top of everything else.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Why Parents Should Study Up on “Realistic” Military Shooters

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The past decade has seen the rise of a previously nonexistent genre of video games often referred to as “realistic shooters” or “realistic action.” Before the 2007 release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, shooters would generally be about overblown antics divorced from reality. “Realistic” military shooters attempted to give shooters a more real look.

There’s a problem with this nomenclature, though: these depictions aren’t realistic at all. Modern shooters often present combat as devoid of any moral grey areas.

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Rome Total War

6 History-Based Games You Should Play With Your Kids, Part 1

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It’s no secret that video games have a bad rap as a hobby. The image of the stereotypical gamer is a teen or 20-something male (even though 47% of gamers are women) killing time with Call of Duty in the family basement.

It’s not always that way, though. Playing games can be a way to encourage intellectual curiosity, not just pass time. My passion is history, so today I’ll share a selection of games that, for the right teen, could kindle interest in the past.

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