Gary Swaby

Gary Swaby

Gary hails from a town called Luton in the United Kingdom. Due to growing up with an illness, he attached himself to the most accessible mediums in his life. These happened to be gaming and information technology. After graduating from the University of Bedfordshire with a degree in Internet Computing, Gary has gone on to start up a number of websites and media projects. Today Gary enjoys nothing more than covering video games, creating e-books, and writing blog posts. Follow Gary on Twitter @GarySwaby.

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When It’s OK to Play Grand Theft Auto With a Toddler

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If you have ever outlawed a game at your house, chances are high that it was Grand Theft Auto. Some kids get exposed to the Grand Theft Auto games because their parents will buy them any game they want without doing any research beforehand. Other parents will ban their children outright from playing games like Grand Theft Auto. However, most kids are likely to go on YouTube or Twitch to watch others play the game. Like it or not, your children are probably going to be exposed to Grand Theft Auto one way or another. You might be surprised to hear that one friend of mine allows his 4-year-old daughter to play. Read More