Elliott White

Elliott White

Elliott is the editor-in-chief of The Next, a student publishing platform out of UW Bothell that highlights issues of social justice in the digital age. Professionally, he is the project manager for a series of games being developed out of UW Bothell’s Digital Future Lab while working towards concurrent degrees in Psychology and Computer Science. Unprofessionally, he is a lifelong gamer who lives at his computer when not enveloped in an epic fantasy novel.

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CodeSpells: A Magical Exploration of Java

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Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on UW Bothell’s student-run media blog, The Next. CodeSpells is a fantastic resource for kids learning to make programs, and we encourage all parents to take advantage of it.

Today I spent my afternoon giggling and clapping my hands together while coding in Java. Now, I’m not a complete novice when it comes to code; I’ve always enjoyed the coding I’ve done for my classes, but I’ve never been delighted by it. The reason that my coding today was so exceptional is that I was not nesting loops to make a box or plucking data out of an array—I spent my afternoon coding things to teleport or catch fire in the charming Java learning tool CodeSpells. Read More

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Dousing the Flames: Five Ways to Cope With Trolls

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Editor’s Note: This piece was first published on The Next, a student-run media blog by UW Bothell.

Online harassment is an issue in many online communities—games are no exception. For that reason, Pixelkin believes in providing teens with the support and knowledge they need to navigate the online world. In this piece, Elliott White offers his own advice for gamers faced with harassment. Read More