Christopher Travlos

Chris Travlos

Christopher Travlos is an ex-actor turned (back to) writer who lives in Montreal, Quebec. He currently attends Concordia University for Creative Writing and also runs a poetry blog ( You can often find him in front of his Wii U or PS3 or quite possibly playing old games on his almost-broken N64.


Pokémon Explained

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Pokémon (short for “Pocket Monsters”) is a franchise spawned by Nintendo that has encompassed nearly every medium possible for children: widely popular video games, hit TV shows, accessible and thought-provoking trading card games, and more. This article centers around the handheld games, but there are also a number of console games that have similar themes and multiplayer options. The video games center around the capture, training, and cultivation of several Pokémon, eventually leading up to the defeat of several superior Pokémon trainers known as gym leaders. The goal is to become the most powerful Pokémon trainer in the world.

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