Carson Hill

Carson Hill

Carson is a technical writer with a degree in Culture, Literature, and the Arts from UW Bothell. He is a sometime author, amateur ukulelist, master of dungeons, and enthusiast of both science fiction and fantasy. He is also an avid tabletop gamer, video gamer, player of roles, singer of songs, and reader of all things fiction. Carson spends his spare time playing games, following tech news, cooking things, and creating fictional worlds that may eventually find their way to the internet. He writes much, much more about DnD at his website, Dice'nButtons.

Dungeons and Dragons

Games Unplugged: Dungeons and Dragons 101

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“Before you stretches an immense cavern, stalactites dripping into the inky abyss below. In the far distance a pair of large glowing eyes illuminates the piled coins that fill the grand natural hall. A deep and sinister voice echoes from the center of the enormous chamber, calling you to reveal yourself and do battle. What do you do?” Read More