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Ben Foster was raised on a steady diet of NES games, comic books and tabletop roleplaying. Now he exists on a steady diet of sriracha, board games and coffee (lots of it). He wears many hats as writer for Engaged Family Gaming, Corporate Minion™ in the financial services industry, and freelance illustrator. Outside of work, Ben can be observed in his natural habitat (Connecticut), playing with his three children, running obstacle course races, or snowboarding

ticket to ride

How Ticket to Ride Made My Wii Obsolete: Reflections on Family Game Night

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This article originally appeared on, a website dedicated to providing families with the information they need to make informed gaming decisions. We’re happy to be regularly crossposting articles from Engaged Family Gaming. In this post, Ben Foster explains the virtues of games unplugged.

Have you ever walked into a living room with no television in it? It’s a little weird, right? I mean, statistically speaking the average American household has more television sets than people living there (according to a 2010 Nielsen report). It’s kind of a crazy statistic, but not one that surprises me. Read More