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arin greenwood

Arin is a writer, gamer, and graduate student in Molecular Engineering. She has an awful habit of creating science fiction premises out of daily activities in her nanotechnology laboratory and experience working for NASA. On the off-chance that she manages to escape from her hectic real world, she can always be found creating new worlds or exploring virtual worlds from the corner of any building that reminds her of Hogwarts. She tries to keep people entertained on Twitter @argwood.

Wayward Manor

[Review] Wayward Manor

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Wayward Manorauthor Neil Gaiman’s first foray into gaming, is a game to unite a family with varied gaming skills. An indie, point-and-click puzzle and adventure game for PC, Wayward Manor places you in the role of a ghost trying to reclaim his New England mansion from a peculiar family by discovering their fears and scaring them away. Each charming level is gratifying for even hesitant gamers, with extra, challenging achievements to keep the more avid gamers of the family entertained. Read More