Game Your Way to Fitness

Discover active games to help your health.

Active Gaming

“You don’t have to worry about pressing buttons or learning combos. You just move your body!”

-Marilyn McKenna

Games Can Make You Healthy

You might think video games are only enjoyed by sitting on a couch or in front of a computer screen for hours. While it’s true that many gaming experiences are like this, there are now lots of games available that get you up and moving.

All of the major consoles have games that involve moving around. That means that now gaming doesn’t have to be sedentary. Quite the opposite, actually. If you try some motion games, you might be surprised at how much of a workout they can give you.

Pixelkin offers… 

  • videos and reviews of the latest fitness games
  • the opportunity to bond as a family while staying fit
  • a searchable database to help you find motion games your family would enjoy
  • information on the hardware motion games require

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 Educating Yourself Is the Best Thing You Can Do

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kids gaming

Connect With Your Kids

Video games are much like any other hobby or interest your kids have. By taking the time to learn about and talk about the games your kids play, you’ll be showing them that you care about the things they enjoy. At Pixelkin, we believe that games have the power to strengthen relationships by bringing kids and parents together.

Sift Through All the Confusing Information

Video games are often a polarizing subject for parents. Parents are concerned about screentime and confused by conflicting information. It’s hard to find information that’s relevant to your family and your kids. At Pixelkin, we’re focused on giving you comprehensive, objective information that breaks through all the clutter.

Make the Best Decisions

By educating yourself,  you’ll be prepared to decide which games your kids can play. Having the knowledge to back up your choices gives you the opportunity to describe your reasoning to your kids in a language they understand. At Pixelkin, we give you the tools to become fluent in the language of games.

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