Miitomo Stars

Miitomo: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

When I try to sum up Miitomo, Nintendo’s first-ever mobile app, the best way I can think to do it is The Sims meets OkCupid (for kids). You’re picking cute...Read More

Teaching Math With Hearthstone

When I was a kid in elementary school, I was already deep down the rabbit hole of video games, thanks to getting an Atari 2600 at 4 years old. I was...Read More
matter vr wright brothers history educational games

Endless Learning: Virtual Reality in the Classroom

What if you could be part of the audience for Martin Luther King Jr.’s riveting “I Have a Dream” speech? What if you could stand in a chemistry lab and...Read More
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New Study Examines Language & Literacy Apps

The Joan Ganz Cooney Center and The New America Foundation have just released a new study called “Getting a Read on the App Stores: A Market Scan and Analysis of...Read More
Skylanders Disney LEGO

Skylanders, Disney, and LEGO: Pixelkin’s Holiday Toys-To-Life Guide

If you're looking to invest in a toys-to-life franchise, you need to decide between Skylanders, Disney Infinity & LEGO Dimensions. Here's what to consider.Read More
video game violence

A Psychologist Reacts to a Recent APA Report on Video Game Violence Studies

Last month the American Psychological Association released a report titled “American Psychological Association Task Force on Violent Media Technical Report on the Review of the Violent Video Game Literature.” It “confirmed”...Read More
virtual reality

[Video Games 101] What is Virtual Reality and Why Is It Such a Big Deal?

This post is part of a series that addresses the needs of the parent who “just doesn’t get video games.” We’re here to catch you up, Clueless Parent! Chances are...Read More

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