Disney Kids TV Streaming Box Unveiled at CES 2017

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Over the weekend at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Disney announced a new streaming box called Disney Kids TV. Like other streaming devices, it’s a small box that plugs into your TV and internet, and allows you to stream Disney movies, TV shows, music, and even games.

As reported by Tom’s Guide, The Disney Kids TV box uses Google’s Android system, and is manufactured by Snakebyte. Snakebyte is known for developing third-party controllers and headsets.

The box will cost $99 and come pre-loaded with games and movies, though no details were available. To play games you’ll need to have a controller. A specific Disney Kids TV controller will be sold separately (also made by Snakebyte), but standard Bluetooth controllers will work as well.

Parental controls on any digital device for your child is important. The Disney Kids TV box will only allow kid-friendly Disney programming. It will have kid-friendly menus, making it easy to navigate for little ones, and no ads. It also allows you to connect external storage to download and play content for quicker, off-line access.

No details were given on packaged or available content for the streaming box. We’re especially interested in what games it could play. Disney Kids TV will cost $99, though no pricing was given for the optional controller. The streaming box is due out sometime in 2017.

Xbox Wireless Adapter

How to Use an Xbox One Wireless Controller With PC

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Microsoft is releasing an adapter that will allow you to use your Xbox Wireless Controller with PC or tablets (with USB 2.0 or USB 3.0). That includes games streamed to Windows 10. It’s only compatible with Windows 10, though, and it’s only for Xbox One Wireless Controllers—your favorite old Xbox 360 controllers won’t work.

The instructions say you can bind the adapter to your controller “to enable the same gaming experience you are used to on Xbox One,” including chat functions and high quality stereo audio. You’ll also get an additional USB extender cable.

The Xbox Wireless Adapter isn’t available on the Xbox Store yet, but it looks like you can preorder it from Amazon for $24.99. The adapter will be officially available October 20 2015.  Microsoft warns that a significant firmware update may be required.

Apple TV video games

New Apple TV Could Bring Casual Games to Living Rooms

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The new Apple TV could be Apple’s next move into the gaming market, a source tells the New York Times. The device will reportedly be announced at Apple’s September 9 event.

According to the report, Apple TV is getting a major graphics upgrade, and will contain use the same A8 chip that powers the iPhone 6. It will have an App Store, just like other Apple devices, and a remote that doubles as a controller.  Read More