Battlerite Launches as Free-to-Play, Teamfight-focused MOBA on PC

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The Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre sees several big releases every year. Battlerite is a smaller MOBA that focuses on 3v3 teamfights. This week it emerged from Steam Early Access into a full free-to-play title. It’s developed and published by Swedish indie studio Stunlock Studios.

“It’s been one hell of a year since we entered Steam Early Access and we can finally deliver on our promise to launch Battlerite as a free-to-play game, making it easily accessible to all PvP arena brawler fans to enjoy,” said Peter Ilves, Game Director at Stunlock Studios. “As of today, new players can join the Battlerite community for free in rapid fire, competitive battles requiring to prove your mettle. So jump in and show off your skills on the fighting ground. The arena awaits, brawlers!”

Battlerite features 22 champions.  Instead of 30+ minutes of lane-based battling, Battlerite puts everyone into a smaller arena for nonstop team fighting in 2v2 and 3v3 formats. Champions move with the keyboard and aim with the mouse, and attacking and dodging requires precise and skilled movement and control.

A 1.1 launch patch added a new champion, Thorn, as well as 200 new items, including weapons, outfits, colors, victory poses, and music tracks.

Each week offers a free rotation of six heroes. You can permanently unlock heroes using earned in-game currency or real money purchases. A Champion’s Pack lets you instantly unlock all 22 champions (and future champions) for $29.99, turning the title into a regular one-time purchase.


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