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Armello: Like Redwall, But With More Game of Thrones

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I played Armello this morning at PAX Prime. It’s a turn-based fantasy tactical role-playing game from Australian developer League of Geeks. I was immediately smitten with the characters, all of whom are anthromorphic animals. The setting, though, was pure fantasy—the king (a lion, of course) has gone bad, and you must fight to both depose him and get the best deal out of it for you and your people. It’s actually difficult not to describe it without pulling out “Game of Thrones” or “Redwall,” and I’m sure I’m not the first to do so. Read More


Hidden Family-Gaming Gems: Magicka

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Is your copy of Super Smash Bros getting a bit worn out? Looking for a game to play with the kids that you’ll all enjoy? Well, you’re in luck. From now on, once a month I’ll be recommending games for you to play with family, friends, significant others, and rivals. I’ll be steering clear of the famous family gaming titles like those that come from Nintendo, giving you a taste of lesser known games to consider for quality time with your kids. Read More