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Parents and Psychologists Talk Screentime and More

Being a parent and a gamer can present a whole host of challenges. Games are a pretty new medium, and with novelty comes fear of the unknown. Fortunately, none of...Read More

How Role-Playing Games Can Teach Kids Decision Making

“Okay, so what you want to do is try to have everyone attack the same enemy, so that…or you can try spreading the damage around too. That’s fine.” My daughter...Read More

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Taking Kids to Conventions—Is It a Good Idea?

Conventions are popular with game enthusiasts, but what can you do with kids at a convention? Nicole Tanner and KayLee Jaech talk about when they started taking their kids to...Read More

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Screen Time Concerns: Setting Limits on Video Game Time

This article originally appeared on, a site dedicated to talking about games and technology in relation to “alternative learners,” which includes kids with learning disabilities, dyslexia, autism, and ADHD....Read More

7 iPad Games the Family Can Play Together on the Same Screen

Many iPad games use wireless technology to enable co-op gameplay across multiple nearby devices (including iPhone and iPad touch), but it’s also great to have games to play together on a single screen. While some...Read More

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Mothering Gamers: From Opponent to Advocate

When I met the man who would become my husband, I was not in any way, shape, or form a “gamer.” Sure, I had played a few rounds of Where...Read More

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8 Best Games for Stress Relief

Something that comes up a lot when you ask gamers why they like gaming is the phrase “I do it to relax.” After a long day at work or school,...Read More

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