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Pixelkin 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Gaming Families

Let’s be honest: 2020 has been a rough year. In a year ravaged by a global pandemic, video games have become more important that ever as a source of socially...Read More

jungle cruise board game

Pixelkin 2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Board Games

Getting together with friends at the table has proven difficult during a global pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped the board game industry from continuing to release fantastic new games. Even...Read More

Pixelkin 2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Switch

The Nintendo Switch will turn four years old next March, but continues to look great for its age. The Switch is still a fantastic platform for gaming families, especially younger...Read More

Pixelkin 2020 Holiday Gift Guide: PC

The PC’s dominance with indie gaming is waning in recent years, to the benefit of everyone. While many PC games are multi-platform, the PC is often used as the first...Read More

Pixelkin 2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Xbox

Xbox One suffered from a lack of must-have exclusive titles, something that Microsoft aims to rectify with the newly released Xbox Series X, which features a Solid State drive, HD...Read More