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New Pokémon Snap Review

Available On: Switch Played On: Switch The original Pokémon Snap introduced many Pokémon fans to a surprisingly beloved 3D spin-off, where players traded in their pokéballs for cameras, and their...Read More

Help Cute Robots Build a Town in The Colonists

Auroch Digital and developers Codebyfire, and Mode 7 have released city building game The Colonists on PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox consoles ($27.29). In the Colonists, adorable robots that look like...Read More

Monster Hunter Rise Tips and Beginner Guide

Monster Hunter Rise expands on the more user-friendly experience from Monster Hunter World, and many of our Beginner Tips for World still apply to Rise. Hunting huge monsters with only...Read More

Monster Hunter Rise Review

Available On: Switch Played On: Switch The Monster Hunter series is nothing if not iterative. While the core gameplay loop of fighting big boss monsters and using harvested monster parts...Read More

Bravely Default 2 Review

Available On: Switch Played On: Switch Bravely Default 2 is exactly what I wanted from a sequel to the retro-inspired JRPG series (confusingly, the third game in the series): a...Read More