Kinect Sports rivals

New Release: Kinect Sports Rivals

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Wake racing, anyone? How about wall climbing? (Don’t worry about falling.) Target shooting? Or, if you prefer old favorites, how about soccer, bowling, or tennis? All these sports are playable in the new game Kinect Sports Rivals, released yesterday for the Xbox One.

The buzz on the game is that, besides offering new games, Kinect Sports Rivals is pretty, it has lots of new features, and it works better than earlier Kinect-enabled games. The Kinect 2 can perceive finer movements and respond more accurately to player gestures than the earlier version of the Kinect.

Other features of the game are colorful, beautiful settings and more ways to connect with, and compete with, other people over the Xbox Live network. Check out the reviews below for more detail.

Polygon – 6/10

IGN – 7.3/10

Gamespot – 5/10

Joystiq – 2/5