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Video Game Pricing: Mysterious No More

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Many a time I’m sure you’ve rolled your eyes at a digital storefront (like I have) and exclaimed about the high prices of downloadable games. $60 for some data? You’re not even getting a box! Shouldn’t it cost less than it does in brick-and-mortar?

Turns out, the answer actually does have to do with physical copies of games, specifically the supply of them.
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E3 2015

E3 2015: All The News for Families In One Article

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This week is the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, and boy has there been a lot of game news. It can be hard to keep up. For a quick sum-up of what exactly this whole expo has given us, and why it matters to families, look no further. Here is our speedy break-down of every E3 press conference, just for families. This synopsis will not include information on any upcoming M-Rated games. Read More