Pixelkin's Holiday Gift Guide

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The holidays are almost here, and one of the most commonly requested gifts for kids of all ages is video games. If you aren’t a gamer yourself, you might be unsure of what to buy. We’ve collected a list of our favorite games released during the entire year and broken them down by ESRB rating to make it easier for you to make smart decisions about your purchases. No matter what your chosen platform or preferred rating is, you’ll find some game recommendations right here. Clicking the Buy buttons in our guide helps to support Pixelkin.

Happy Holidays and happy gaming!

the counting kingdom on Extra Credits EDU

[New Release] The Counting Kingdom Hits Steam

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Remember when I reviewed the adorable and educational game Counting Kingdom?

The game is now being released on Steam, so you can give it a try yourself. The Counting Kingdom helps kids practice their addition and subtraction skills in a fun, safe environment. It’s gotten great reactions from parents and kids alike.

In addition, The Counting Kingdom has been chosen as one of the 10 best indie games of the year by the Penny Arcade Expo’s team of experts. We loved the game, and we’re happy to see it getting the recognition it deserves.

the counting kingdom on Extra Credits EDU

[Review] The Counting Kingdom: Math Isn’t Scary After All

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The first words out of my mouth when I opened The Counting Kingdom were, “Oh no, it’s so cute.”

The Counting Kingdom is a math-and-magic game from Little Worlds Interactive. In it, a group of (adorable) monsters are invading a magical kingdom and trying to destroy the castle. A wizard boy must stop them by adding and subtracting to cast spells that will destroy the monsters.

The game is currently on Steam Early Access, and will be released in early August for PC and Mac, with an app coming in the fall.

I might be one of the better-equipped adults to review The Counting Kingdom, because I’m terrified of math.

When I am asked to add numbers, my first reaction is to freeze. It might just be a second before I get a hold of myself, but sometimes it takes longer than that. I ask friends to give me math problems to cure my hiccups (it’s the easiest way to scare me), and once I added instead of subtracted health in DnD.

The most important thing that The Counting Kingdom does, in my opinion, is make math less scary.

Young kids who are still building relationships with math won’t approach these monsters with the trepidation that I did. To them, it will be a fun puzzle game that instills an understanding of numbers.

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