The Sure-Fire Method to Turn Your Kid Into a Scientist

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Looking for ways to get teens interested in STEM? Try making games!

Game design engages teens in problem-solving, mathematics, programming, art, and more. And you don’t have to be an ace programmer to get started—lots of tools already exist to teach rookie designers.

Gamestar Mechanic is a great web based place for younger children to start. KoduGamemaker, and Scratch all offer simple interfaces for more experienced kids,” writes Jordan Shapiro, an educator and game enthusiast. Shapiro’s own young son is already attending game design camps. Read More

School of Dragons

How Games Teach Scientific Thinking

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What do games have in common with science? More than you might think.

Expert James Paul Gee tackles the issue in his article, “Games, Learning, and 21st Century Survival Skills.” The article is a bit dense but worth a read. Here’s the major good news: playing games is practice for scientific behavior.

If kids don’t know the controls for a game they will build theories by pressing buttons and observing the results. At its core this behavior is scientific method. Read More