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Anki Drive Takes Toys To Life to the Next Level

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Most video games happen somewhere between the screen and the player’s imagination. The fantastic images in front of us not only trigger emotions and adrenaline but invite us to participate in the world we see. This physical-virtual divide has been eroded away by the likes of Skylanders, Disney Infinity, and amiibo toys that bring video game characters into the real world and use the real-world toy to unlock more of the game. Anki Drive takes this a step further, though, bringing the action as well as the characters off the screen and onto the living room floor.

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Top 5 Smart Toys for 2014 Holiday Giving

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What’s a smart toy? It’s a toy that’s made intelligent by electronics—like on-board computer chips, robotics, sensors, or speech recoginition.  Sometimes smart toys are complete unto themselves, and sometimes they work with a computer, pad, or phone. All smart toys are real objects kids can touch and play with. Read More