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Disney Infinity 3.0 Review

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Available For: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac, PC, Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
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PlayStation 4

Disney Infinity 3.0 takes Disney’s spanking new Star Wars franchise and turns it into a campaign that will have parents and kids excited to see their favorite characters on the screen.

But while Disney Infinity 3.0 makes huge improvements in terms of gameplay and structure, it still feels simultaneously like too much and not enough. Read More

Happy Home Designer

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Review

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Platform: 3DS

I love Animal Crossing. Maybe it’s better to say I LOVE Animal Crossing. I spent lots of time playing the original GameCube version and went on to play Wild Word for literally a year. I just finished playing through the latest in the series, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. It’s the first time I’ve talked to a character in an Animal Crossing game in a long time. Hearing the delightful high-pitched jibber jabber was the first thing that sucked me back into the world I’ve loved for so long. But this game is a different take on the traditional Animal Crossing formula, and I didn’t quite know what to expect. However, despite some minor irritations, I ended up liking what I played quite a bit. Read More


Dream Review: Not Worth Remembering

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Platform: PC

Dreaming is a phenomenon that has always fascinated me because I’ve had several dreams that were so vivid and real that they’ve shaken me to my very core. But, unfortunately, most of my nighttime excursions to dreamland are just garbled nonsense that have little staying power once I’ve awoken. Sad to say, my time with the video game Dream had little staying power, either. There is a cool idea buried somewhere within this game, but its execution misses the mark almost entirely. Dream ends up being a little too much like one of my many nonsense dreams. Read More

Tearaway Unfolded Pig Ride

Tearaway Unfolded Review

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Platforms: PlayStation 4

Tearaway Unfolded is a re-imagining of Tearaway, a 2013 release for the PlayStation Vita. While Tearaway was well received, the Vita isn’t the most popular of consoles. With Tearaway Unfolded, enough has changed that it’s close to being a whole new game. If you’ve played the original Tearaway, it’s worth it to give this one a try.

If you haven’t played Tearaway yet, now is the time to start. Read More