animal jam

Animal Jam Review

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Available on: PC, iPad
We played on iPad

When you hear the name Professor Jellyrobot, you’ll probably think of a…robot of some sort? Well, honestly I’m not sure what you would think, but I’m pretty sure you won’t come up with the right guess. You see, Professor Jellyrobot is a wolf. More specifically, he is my daughter’s wolf and her main avatar in Animal Jam. She loves him and the game. And I love watching her play. That’s why it’s unfortunate that a recent update to the game makes me love it less. Read More

lego marvel avengers

LEGO Marvel Avengers Review

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Available on: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC
We played on: Xbox One

The LEGO games have always been known for their quirky humor. They’ve taken beloved characters from movies and turned them into silly, light-hearted versions of themselves. At least, most of them do. In LEGO Marvel Avengers, that humor is mostly absent and the characters haven’t changed at all from the movies. Read More

that dragon cancer

That Dragon, Cancer Is an Anthem for the People Left Behind

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Platforms: PC, Mac, OUYA
We played on: Mac

That Dragon, Cancer by Numinous Games tells the autobiographical story of Ryan and Amy Green as their young son Joel fights with cancer. It’s unlike any other video game that I’ve played. It invites you to take a look inside the minds of two people dealing with incomprehensible tragedy, while simultaneously posing questions about what a video game is meant to be. Read More