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Deactivated PS4 Consoles an Issue for Sony

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The big gaming console makers (Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft) have different and sometimes confusing ways of preventing users from breaking the rules when it comes to sharing games. In most cases, this involves requiring the online account of users to be tied to the physical console on which they play. This is the policy of Sony, the maker of the PlayStation 4 (PS4). However, some PS4 owners have lately been encountering issues with their consoles being deactivated (or separated) from their PlayStation Network accounts without their knowledge. The users are are unable to reactivate their console, essentially removing access to some of the games they have purchased. Read More

[Review] Never Alone

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Never Alone is the perfect title for this Xbox One, PS4, and PC game for a number of reasons. Based on the beliefs and home of the native Alaskan Inupiat people, it features helpful spirits who guide a young girl through a journey. It’s also a game that’s best not played alone because the single-player gameplay can be terribly frustrating. However, playing with another person makes the experience much more tolerable and offers an enjoyable, albeit short game. Read More