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[Interview] “Would Ash Ketchum Give Up?” How Psychologist Kelli Dunlap Uses Video Games To Reach Kids

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I first heard Kelli Dunlap speak at PAX Prime 2014 in the panel “Giving Through Gaming: Making the World a Better Place,” and her stories blew me away! Here’s a PhD who happens to be a knowledgeable and avid gamer and who has used her gaming experience to help her clients in some amazing ways.

She says she first became interested in the interaction between video games and mental health while studying psychology as an undergraduate.  She graduated with her Bachelor’s in psychology from American University and then pursued her doctorate in clinical psychology. Her doctoral dissertation is titled, “Mediating Factors in the Relationship Between Video Games and Mental Health.”  Read More

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Creative, Crafty, and Charming! 10 Etsy Shops With Really Cool Video Game Merch. (mobile version)

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Last week I told you about some nerdy arts and crafts projects you could have fun with in your home. This week it’s time to get professional: I went hunting for some of the best geek-themed Etsy stores, presented below for your enjoyment. There are lots of websites out there with video game merch, but by shopping on Etsy you can support independent artists and get one-of-a-kind handmade crafts!

Whether you’re looking for gifts for family or friends, or just a present for yourself, these shops can give you what you’re looking for!

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