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Latest Episode of the Game of Thrones Game Coming Next Week

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The Game of Thrones: Sons of Winter is part of a six-episode game based on the popular television series. The Game of Thrones game follows the story of House Forrester.

During The War of the Five Kings, House Forrester is in a precarious position that may result in the fall of the house. Players take the role of one of five characters in the game. Some of the characters are members of the Forrester family. Others are people who serve the family in various positions. The events of the game take place between the end of season 3 and the beginning of season 5 of the TV show. In the game, players can visit familiar places such as King’s Landing and The Wall. The game also includes some new locations that are specific to the game.

Since the game contains content similar to that of the TV show, it’s rated M for Mature by the ESRB. The content descriptors include Intense Violence, Blood and Gore, and Strong Language.

The Game Thrones game is developed by Telltale games. Telltale designs a number of games based on movie or television franchises. The best known game series from their studio is the Walking Dead.

Game of Thrones: Sons of Winter will be available for multiple platforms starting on May 26. The previous episodes in the Game of Thrones game are Iron from Ice, The Lost Worlds, and The Sword in the Darkness.

Broken Age Act 2

[Review] Broken Age: Act 2

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Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, iOS, Ouya
We played on: Mac

Broken Age: Act 2 is the second half of a complex, beautiful, funny, and very challenging point-and-click puzzle game. Broken Age: Act 1 came out last year (check out our review here), and the two acts are treated as two halves of one single game. So, you’ll have to finish Act 1 before you can start Act 2.

I loved Broken Age: Act 2. It did a fantastic job of wrapping up the dozens of questions I had left from Act 1, and it provided a satisfying conclusion to a beautiful coming-of-age adventure.
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Six Downloadable PlayStation 4 Games to Play with the Family

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There are dozens upon dozens of games available to download for the PlayStation 4. This includes many digital exclusives that are much cheaper than their disc-based counterparts. We’ve gone through our favorites and picked six downloadable PlayStation 4 games under $20. All of these games are family-appropriate and designed for two or more players. Some let you work together, while others create competitive scenarios that families can enjoy together. Whatever the case, these games will get you playing together in a hurry without huge expense. Read More