Wayward Manor

[Review] Wayward Manor

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Wayward Manorauthor Neil Gaiman’s first foray into gaming, is a game to unite a family with varied gaming skills. An indie, point-and-click puzzle and adventure game for PC, Wayward Manor places you in the role of a ghost trying to reclaim his New England mansion from a peculiar family by discovering their fears and scaring them away. Each charming level is gratifying for even hesitant gamers, with extra, challenging achievements to keep the more avid gamers of the family entertained. Read More

Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity Explained

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Disney Infinity is an action-adventure game that relies on players collecting real figurines of popular Disney and Pixar characters. Each time players buy a figurine, they unlock that character and its associated world.

There are two modes of play: Toy Box mode and Play Set Mode. The Play Set mode is a linear campaign, whereas the Toy Box mode is essentially a sandbox where players can build their own worlds. In Toy Box mode, you can play with characters from different worlds (i.e., Disney/Pixar films) but to play co-op in a Play Set you need two characters from that Play Set.

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T for Teen

Batman: Arkham Series Explained

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The Batman: Arkham series is a pretty straightforward adaptation of the Batman mythos in video game format.  These action-adventure games are a little bit less dark and more like the comic books than the recent “Dark Knight” movies, with gameplay that’s a mix of sneaking, detective work, and brawling. Read More