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Gaming with the Moms Episode 74: Emo Owls with Hoodies

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We were off last week, which means there’s a lot to talk about. Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch! What do we think about it? Well, we already know what Stephen thinks about it. But what does Nicole think? The voice actor strike is still going and the actors have been picketing southern California studios. Are their demands reasonable? And what are the implications for the larger development community if they are? There’s a big new update for Animal Crossing New Leaf. Valve is saying “no-no” to developers who doctor their screenshots. ThatGameCompany has given some teasers for their new game that tell us next to nothing. And GameStop hasn’t been selling as many games as they would like.
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Nintendo Switch

Full Nintendo Switch Presentation Coming January 2017

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Last week Nintendo unveiled its newest console, the Nintendo Switch. Previously known as Nintendo NX, the Switch was teased in a three and a half minute preview trailer. We learned about its portable functionality and detachable “Joy-Con” controllers and gamepad. We were teased with a few new and old games running on the Nintendo Switch. But we’ll have to wait until next year for any further details.

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima announced a Nintendo Switch Presentation. Media, trade partners, and financial analysts will be invited. The Tokyo-based event will detail the specific launch date and pricing of the Nintendo Switch. We’ll also be given a “look at the lineup of games currently in development,” states the press release.

The event will be livestreamed globally on January 12, 2017 (US time). The time of the presentation will be announced later.

Afterwards Nintendo will host events for media and consumers in the US and Europe at later dates, leading up to the launch in March.

Nintendo is infamous for keeping their hardware plans closely guarded. This can be frustrating for excited fans and eager developers. Investors were less than thrilled after the Nintendo Switch’s preview trailer. Nintendo’s stock actually fell by 6 percent – following a 4 percent surge leading up to the announcement.

Pricing will be the single biggest factor in the Nintendo Switch’s launch. But we’re all looking forward to new game announcements or third party deals. Nintendo have confirmed they are working with dozens of third-party publishers for the Nintendo Switch.

nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch Ditching Wii U’s Second Screen Feature

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One of the touted features of the Nintendo Wii U was its gamepad. Games were displayed on both the TV screen and the gamepad, and could be switched back and forth. While upcoming Nintendo Switch is expanding the screen-switching feature, it will drop the ability to have both screens displayed at the same time.

“Nintendo Switch is dedicated to delivering a single-screen experience, on whatever screen you might choose,” Nintendo told Polygon when asked about the second-screen feature.

The Joy-Con controller must be placed into the Nintendo Switch Dock in order to transmit the gamepad screen to the TV screen. You won’t have access to it while gaming in the living room.

At first glance this may seem like a big bummer. But developers mostly failed to capitalize on the Wii U’s second screen feature for most of its library. The only game I can think of was Xenoblade Chronicles X. The gamepad served as the map, and you used the touchscreen to fast-travel.

The screen-switching feature of the Wii U is obviously a big selling point for the Nintendo Switch. For the Wii U, if a child wants to watch TV, you can easily switch the screen to the gamepad to continue your marathon session of Super Smash Bros. The Nintendo Switch will let you leave the room, the house, the state, etc.

There’s still far more we don’t know about the Nintendo Switch. It will use cartridges, but won’t support 3DS cards. We don’t know the system’s specifications, but it is powered by Nvidia’s Tegra X1 chip. Everyone’s eager to find out the the battery life of the all-encompassing portable gamepad.

We do know that the Nintendo Switch will partner with dozens of third-party publishers. And we’ve seen new 3D Mario, Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Switch versions of Splatoon, Skyrim, and NBA 2K being played in the trailer.

Nintendo Switch is coming March 2017. Look for more details in the coming months.