Bonding With Adult Siblings Over Video Games

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A while back I wrote about how games can bring people together in a lot of different ways, and I mentioned hanging out with my sister and discussing video games over drinks. She’s 22, I’m 25, and we both love games. My brother (her twin) is also a gamer, and when the three of us get together it’s pretty much inevitable that we talk about what we’ve been playing lately. We all grew up gaming together, and despite our differences (my sister is going to med school, my brother is looking into bee-keeping, and I make comics), it’s something we can always count on to spark great conversations.  Read More

Games Make All Of Us Storytellers

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One of my favorite characters of all time is Varric Tethras, rogue dwarf and expert storyteller from the Dragon Age universe. Depending on who you ask, Varric is a liar and a scoundrel—or the best friend anyone could hope for. He has a heart of gold and a sharp wit, and he talks way too much. For me, the hardest moment in any of the three massive Dragon Age games wasn’t fighting a high dragon or trying to defeat my archenemy or even collecting every single one of those awful shards. It was the moment when I made Varric sad. A video game character! In fact, I had to return to a previous save and do it all over—that story, the story where Varric was heartbroken, wasn’t the one I wanted to tell. Read More

Kids and Teens Love Playing with Identity in RPGs

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Teenagers, identity: these are two terms that often come into contact with each other. Once kids hit adolescence, they spend a lot of time trying to figure out who they are. If they’re anything like me, they go through a lot of strange fashion phases and begin to make declarations about Who They Are—even if those statements don’t really reflect what their parents have observed. Many of these changes are internal, of course, but when they manifest, they can be both confusing and lasting. Read More