Game Walkthroughs Aren’t Cheating—They’re Research

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If you’ve watched your kids struggle with a game, then head to Google and suddenly come back and easily move on to the next level, you might wonder if they’re cheating. Are they short-circuiting something that’s supposed to be a learning experience? We know games can be useful educational tools, but how effective can they be if kids are looking up how to do everything?
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the counting kingdom on Extra Credits EDU

[Review] The Counting Kingdom: Math Isn’t Scary After All

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The first words out of my mouth when I opened The Counting Kingdom were, “Oh no, it’s so cute.”

The Counting Kingdom is a math-and-magic game from Little Worlds Interactive. In it, a group of (adorable) monsters are invading a magical kingdom and trying to destroy the castle. A wizard boy must stop them by adding and subtracting to cast spells that will destroy the monsters.

The game is currently on Steam Early Access, and will be released in early August for PC and Mac, with an app coming in the fall.

I might be one of the better-equipped adults to review The Counting Kingdom, because I’m terrified of math.

When I am asked to add numbers, my first reaction is to freeze. It might just be a second before I get a hold of myself, but sometimes it takes longer than that. I ask friends to give me math problems to cure my hiccups (it’s the easiest way to scare me), and once I added instead of subtracted health in DnD.

The most important thing that The Counting Kingdom does, in my opinion, is make math less scary.

Young kids who are still building relationships with math won’t approach these monsters with the trepidation that I did. To them, it will be a fun puzzle game that instills an understanding of numbers.

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