Top 5 Motion Games for Holiday Family Play (With Marilyn McKenna)

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What does your family do together during those holiday get-togethers? Besides eat? My family might take a walk around the neighborhood, put a puzzle together, or play a board game. But in recent years we’ve added video games to pre- and post-dinner rituals. There’s usually a little Mario Kart or Mario Party, and sometimes we try other games. This year, I hope to get everyone up off the couch with some of these motion games. Here are our Top 5. And thanks to fitness expert Marilyn McKenna for helping us test three of these. Read More

Just Dance 2014

The Great Motion-Game Playtest with Marilyn McKenna

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What do holiday family get-togethers mean to you? Eating? Or eating, watching movies or sports on TV, playing board games, putting puzzles together, and more eating? Those time-honored family pastimes are always fun, but let’s face it, you end up sitting a lot. And eating at lot. So we got together with fitness and health expert Marilyn McKenna to test a few video games that the whole family can play—and that involve moving around.

Marilyn trekked over to our offices on a winter day to play three games: Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved, Dance Central Spotlight, and Just Dance 2015. Watch the video to find out which one was her favorite.

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Just Dance 2015

[Review] Just Dance 2015

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When I was in high school, my friends and I would take turns going to each other’s houses after school to play Dance Dance Revolution, a game that has players flailing in a way that bears little resemblance to “dancing” but is incredibly fun nonetheless. We would laugh at each other and at ourselves, playing songs over and over to earn the coveted AAA.

Just Dance 2015 is the Dance Dance Revolution of, well, 2015. Read More

Disney Adventure family gaming kinect

3 Ways To Get Off the Couch While Gaming

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Getting too much screentime? Probably. It’s hard these days to tear ourselves away from our electronics, and sometimes it’s even harder to tear kids and teens away. Sitting around in front of the television or computer while gaming isn’t great for us physically, as you might imagine—and while games have a myriad of benefits, they can also be hard on your body. Here are some ways we can combat that wear and tear (or lack-thereof).

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Kinect Sports rivals

New Release: Kinect Sports Rivals

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Wake racing, anyone? How about wall climbing? (Don’t worry about falling.) Target shooting? Or, if you prefer old favorites, how about soccer, bowling, or tennis? All these sports are playable in the new game Kinect Sports Rivals, released yesterday for the Xbox One.

The buzz on the game is that, besides offering new games, Kinect Sports Rivals is pretty, it has lots of new features, and it works better than earlier Kinect-enabled games. The Kinect 2 can perceive finer movements and respond more accurately to player gestures than the earlier version of the Kinect.

Other features of the game are colorful, beautiful settings and more ways to connect with, and compete with, other people over the Xbox Live network. Check out the reviews below for more detail.

Polygon – 6/10

IGN – 7.3/10

Gamespot – 5/10

Joystiq – 2/5