Starcoder Teaches Kids to Code While They Play

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There are lots of different ways to introduce kids to coding, but often the best way to teach someone a new topic is to pair it up with something they already love. Want to learn about a historical event? Watch a movie about it. Interested in learning how to cook? Then try recipes for some of your favorite meals. When it comes to learning how to code, why not build a game around that goal, specifically? That’s what Jonathan Martin and the rest of his team at Win2Learn are doing with their successfully funded Kickstarter game Starcoder. Read More

Kickstarter Created for Video Game Print Magazine for Kids

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Little Player” will be a bi-monthy video game print magazine geared towards kids ages 7-12. It’ll be kid-friendly and ad-free. The focus will be only on games rated EC for Early Childhood, E for Everyone, and E10+. Martin Alessi, the publisher, was motivated to start Little Player by his love of gaming magazines when he was young.  He wanted the same type of experience for his 9-year-old son. Read More

Ninja Pizza Girl demo

The Scariest Enemies in NInja Pizza Girl Are Other Teenagers

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Ninja Pizza Girl is a game inspired by, well, a real life ninja pizza girl. Or at least a pizza girl. The game came about after Jason Stark’s teenage daughter, Alia, started telling him stories about her pizza delivery job.

More interesting, though, is how Alia’s insights came into play when Stark was trying to design the game. He originally came up with an idea for bad-guy robots, which met with some lukewarm reception from his wife and four daughters.

“Robots aren’t scary, Dad.” Read More

Grail to the Thief artwork

Audiobook? Try Audiogame! Grail to the Thief on Kickstarter

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When Hank Krang wins a talking time machine in a game of poker, he knows exactly what he’s going to do with it. Study long-lost cultures and societies? Of course not! He’s going to steal the Holy Grail.

Grail to the Thief, a new game by For All To Play, is an interactive audio adventure starring Hank and TEDI (Time Excursion Digital Interface) as they solve puzzles and wander through medieval England. It takes inspiration from BBC radio dramas and the 1981 movie “Time Bandits,” and it has the potential to be something very cool. Especially because it’s designed for players who are visually impaired.

One problem: Grail to the Thief is currently still in the Kickstarter phase. They’ve got one week left to raise the remaining 35% of their goal. Read More