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Fallen London Will Be Released on iOS

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Acclaimed role-playing game Fallen London is coming to iOS this year, Eurogamer reveals. The news comes after Failbetter Games put out a hiring call for mobile app developers earlier this month.

Chosen as The Escapist’s Best Browser Game in 2009, Fallen London has continued to garner praise from players for its ever-expanding story.

Fallen London takes place in an alternate universe of London in the 1800s. A mysterious disaster has left the city underground. Residents rub shoulders with devils and all manner of strange beings.

In 2013, developer Failbetter Games launched a successful Kickstarter to make Sunless Sea, a strategy role-playing game set in the Fallen London universe. It was wildly successful. Since the launch of Sunless Sea, the user base of Fallen London has apparently doubled, according to Eurogamer’s report.

Like the browser game, the mobile version of Fallen London will be free-to-play. But players have the option to purchase actions and stories that will add to the experience. Players spend actions to advance through “storylets,” chunks of narrative that make up the sprawling mass of the game.

Going mobile seems like the perfect move for a game that thrives on getting players to engage in short bursts.

Jason Kapalka, co-founder of PopCap games, is working with Failbetter Games to bring Fallen London to iOS. As a player, I’m very excited about this move. Failbetter Games has proven they know how to do free-to-play well.

“We’re a creatively-driven company who want to give players exquisite experiences—and respecting our players’ time and investment has allowed us to do just that,” Alexis Kennedy of Failbetter Games told Eurogamer in their story.

You can play Fallen London right now online. Players will reportedly be able to continue their games from browser to phone.

You can read our review of Sunless Sea here.

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Anki Drive Takes Toys To Life to the Next Level

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Most video games happen somewhere between the screen and the player’s imagination. The fantastic images in front of us not only trigger emotions and adrenaline but invite us to participate in the world we see. This physical-virtual divide has been eroded away by the likes of Skylanders, Disney Infinity, and amiibo toys that bring video game characters into the real world and use the real-world toy to unlock more of the game. Anki Drive takes this a step further, though, bringing the action as well as the characters off the screen and onto the living room floor.

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[Review] Terraria

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Terraria is an action-adventure game set in a two-dimensional open world containing a wide variety of creatures, plants, and ores. It’s a lot like Minecraft—it sounds simple, but it quickly adds layers of exploration, crafting, and combat as players build their worlds. Read More

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[Review] Thomas Was Alone

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Thomas Was Alone is a single-player, 2D platform game with a twist. Rather than controlling a detailed human character, you control a number of rectangles of different shapes, sizes, and abilities to jump across platforms, climb surfaces, and progress through levels. It sounds rather dry and overly simple, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Read More

[Review] Revolution 60

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Roleplaying games can enable us to do things only possible in our imagination. They can let us fly, conjure magic, or save the world. My favorite roleplaying games, however, are those that still keep us anchored to realism in some way. These games present us with no easy choices and with substantial consequences for choosing poorly.

Revolution 60 is a game that challenges players to move forward and make decisions while never knowing anything for certain. It is a game of making calculated risks and working with whatever the outcome may be. If you are looking for an accessible iOS game with solid sci-fi storytelling to share with your kids, Revolution 60 is the right candidate.

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