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Hearthstone Popularity Explained: How Hearthstone Dominates Digital Card Games

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Hearthstone popularity is a mystery to some. The game is absolutely killing it in the collectible card game market.

According to SuperData, an analyst firm, Blizzard is pulling in $20 million a month from Hearthstone, its digital collectible card game (CCG). While the PC version of Hearthstone used to be the most popular, it’s now being dominated by the mobile version. The mobile version brings in more than $10 million a month. Read More

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6 Competitive Games for Everyone—Not Just Pro Gamers

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What do Counter-Strike, Dota 2, League of Legends, StarCraft II, and Ultra Street Fighter IV have in common? They’re the biggest games in esports today. These are games played by professionals (and amateurs) for high-stakes prize pools. How high are the stakes? Dota 2’s biggest tournament of the year, The International, had a prize pool over $18 million. Last year, Capcom announced it will be pouring $500,000 into its Capcom Pro Tour for Ultra Street Fighter IV. Read More

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7th Best App Ever Awards Announced for iOS

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The winners of the 7th Best App Ever awards for iOS apps were announced today by Rob Rich at Separate awards are given each year for Android apps.

And the big winner is….Monument Valley! Monument Valley has always been one of our favorite games, so we’re not surprised—although it is a little surprising that a puzzle game won the top prize in a contest that covers all apps. (Other winners in this contest included Instagram and Google Maps.) I guess Monument Valley is just that good. Read More