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Exploring Gender–Laura Kate Dale and Emmett Scout Weigh in on Oculus Rift and Roleplaying Games

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Games have been used to explore aspects of identity—from personality traits like bravery and leadership to more complex issues like gender identity. Roleplaying games like World of Warcraft have often been used to explore these issues, and with the rise of new technology like Oculus Rift we could see more interactive ways to explore gender identity. But are there limitations to the technology? Read More

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Moms and Dads: Are You a Protector?

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We’ve idolized heroes and warriors for centuries—people love imagining themselves in the role of protector.  In books, plays, and movies—and yes, in video games—we stretch social mores to allow for the protection of innocents. Many of us only become true protectors when we become parents, though. Read More

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Fantastic Dads Make Games Better for Daughters

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Mike Hoye wanted his young daughter, Maya, to be able to play The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, but Maya had a problem. She wanted to play Link, but she didn’t understand why Link had to be a boy. Luckily her dad is a hero in his own right—he altered the game’s disk image with a hex editor and changed all the pronouns.

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