jurassic world evolution

Jurassic World Evolution Review

Available On: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One Fifteen years ago I fell in love with Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. It was the original dinosaur park sim that let me prove that...Read More


Moonlighter Review

Available On: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One Nothing irritates me more than seeing the smiling faces on happy customers. It means I priced an item too low and they scored a...Read More


Frostpunk Review

Available On: PC Things were going well, or least as well as can be expected against an apocalyptic snowstorm, until the temperature plummeted another 40 degrees. “Snowmaggeddon” is a joke during brutal...Read More

The Swords of Ditto Review

Available On: PC, PlayStation 4 Many video game genres overlap and blend well together. Shooting and third-person action. Narrative-rich adventure with first-person exploration. RPG elements in just about everything. Yet in...Read More

ink monsters

Ink Monsters Review

Publisher: Albino Dragon Players: 2-6 Time: 20-30 minutes Age: 6+ Card games can be tricky for younger kids. It can be challenging to hold very many cards in tiny hands,...Read More


GraviTrax Review

Growing up I didn’t even know the name of the plastic construction sets of tubes that formed cascading ramps for marbles – I just knew they were super fun. Marble...Read More

into the breach

Into the Breach Review

Available On: PC Pacific Rim meets Chess isn’t exactly the most common elevator pitch for indie games, yet it perfectly describes Into the Breach, the long-awaited sophomore release from beloved FTL:...Read More

Crossing Souls

Crossing Souls Review

Available On: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PC (Win, Mac, Linux) My generation (I’m in my 30s) has an indomitable passion for the 1980s. The appeal waxes from fun nostalgia to tiresome...Read More