Bravely Default box art

Review: Bravely Default

When game developer Square Enix announced a brand new property called Bravely Default for the Nintendo 3DS, it seemed to be very similar to the well-established Final Fantasy series. The...Read More

Octodad wedding

Review: Octodad: Dadliest Catch

I never thought I would spend my Friday night as an octopus pretending to be a human, but a few weeks ago that’s exactly what I did. In Octodad: Dadliest...Read More

Machine Cares screenshot

Machine Cares: Exploring Life’s Complexities

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on UW Bothell’s student-run media blog, The Next. Machine Cares is a wonderful choice for teens—or for parents who are interested in a strong...Read More

Broken Age

Review: Broken Age Act 1

Double Fine’s Broken Age is an adventure game. Imagine playing a fantasy novel; L. Frank Baum or Diana Wynne Jones come to mind. The story guides you through spaceships, time travel,...Read More

Ittle Dew funny games

Review: Ittle Dew

Last week I had the pleasure of playing through the indie puzzler Ittle Dew by Ludosity. As a longtime Legend of Zelda fan, I won’t deny that I was initially...Read More

Tearaway review

Review: Tearaway: Scrappy Charm

At this year’s PAX, I played a short game demo that stole my heart. Now, three months later, I’ve finally been able to play Media Molecule’s Tearaway. Somehow, after so...Read More

Gone Home

Gone Home Helps You Empathize with Teenage Heartbreak

Gone Home is a first-person “story exploration” game from indie game-maker The Fullbright Company. Where many games put you in the place of the soldier, the warrior, or the hero,...Read More