EA FIFA women

FIFA 16 to Feature Female Soccer Players for the First Time

For the first time in the franchise’s history, EA’s FIFA games will feature female soccer players. FIFA 16 comes out on September 22. It will include 12 Women’s National Teams: Australia, Brazil, Canada,...Read More

No More “Adults Only” Games on Twitch

Twitch just updated its Terms of Service, and will no longer support streaming of games rated AO for Adults Only by the ESRB.Read More

Fallen London Paul Arendt

Fallen London Will Be Released on iOS

Acclaimed role-playing game Fallen London is coming to iOS this year, Eurogamer reveals. The news comes after Failbetter Games put out a hiring call for mobile app developers earlier this month....Read More

LumiKids Park

LumiKids Apps Now Available On Android Devices

LumiKids is a (hopefully!) growing series of games for kids from Lumos Labs, the same company that makes the Lumosity learning app for adults. Both of the LumiKids apps are available on Android...Read More

Summer Gaming List

2015 Summer Gaming List

You’ve heard of summer reading lists. This year, Pixelkin’s prepared something a little different. That’s right—a summer gaming list! Here is our list of the games we think you and...Read More

Family-Friendly Star Wars Coming to Disney Infinity This Fall

Disney Interactive has released some great new stuff from Star Wars: Twilight of the Republic, one of its new Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Play Sets. This is a family-friendly Star...Read More


Cortana Coming to Android and iOS

Cortana is Master Chief’s AI guide—and friend—in Halo, but she’s also a companion app for Windows 10 PCs and Windows phones. Now she’s coming to Android and iOS devices as well.Read More

survival games

Survival Games Don’t Need to Be About Zombies or Aliens

I spotted the toolbox at the bottom of the wreckage. Inside lay a hammer and some bandages. Both were critical to my survival. I started choking from being underwater too long...Read More

action henk

Indie Game Spotlight: Action Henk

When I was a kid, I always wondered what my toys might be doing while I was away at school. This month’s indie pick, from developer RageSquid, is pretty close...Read More

Parable of Polygons

[PODCAST] Gaming With The Moms #6: I’m Gonna Name-Drop Everybody

Check Out Technology Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Gaming With The Moms on BlogTalkRadio Welcome to episode 6 of Gaming With the Moms! Host and Pixelkin Managing Editor Nicole...Read More