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Here's a Cute Story About a Dad, His 8-Year-Old Daughter, and Video Games

“Honey, I want you to play more video games.” Wait, what? That’s a dad talking to his eight-year-old daughter. It’s not your average dictate in a day and age when...Read More

Card Wars

New Release: Card Wars—Adventure Time

Today marks the release of Card Wars, a new Adventure Time game for iOS. If you’re a fan of the TV show, you may recognize this game from the episode...Read More

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The Dark Crystal

8 Movies That Should Be Video Games

These are eight of our favorite movies that we wish were video games—unusual video games, that is. It’s easy to take Westerns and war films and make them into typical...Read More

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4 Geeky Valentines for You to Share with the Gamers in Your Life!

Looking for some Valentines with a more personal touch? These are some great cards for the gamers in your life, whether they be young, old, family members, significant others, or...Read More

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Want Control Over Your Dreams? Try Gaming.

Have you ever realized you were dreaming while you were dreaming? If so, you’ve had a lucid dream. Well, if you liked the experience, or if you’re interested in having...Read More

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6 Books That Should Be Video Games

When you think about it, not too many books have been made into video games. Sure, there are a number of Alice in Wonderland games, and the independently produced The Great...Read More

Trinket Studios

Trinket Studios Profile

Trinket Studios is a independent developer that, since 2012, has made two of the most interesting, colorful mobile games we’ve seen (Color Sheep and Orion’s Forge—check them out now!). Now...Read More

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The EVE Online Mega-Battle Isn't What You Think It Is

Over the last couple of days, headlines have been appearing all over—even in mainstream newspapers—about EVE Online‘s latest mega-battle. (It’s not the first, but it is the biggest.) After a...Read More