The Order 1886

The Order 1886 is a first-person shooter that takes place in fantasy Victorian London.
Keezy Young
February 27, 2015

Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 is an open-world first-person shooter set in the fictional country of Kyrat.…
Editorial Staff
February 6, 2015

Dying Light

Dying Light is a zombie survival horror/action-adventure game that takes place in the fictional country of Harran,…
Keezy Young
February 3, 2015

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a motion game where players try to chop falling fruit with their…
Keezy Young
January 16, 2015

Mark of the Ninja

Mark of the Ninja is a sidescroller action stealth platformer featuring a modern-day ninja navigating…
Keezy Young
January 8, 2015