PAX South 2019 Preview: Splitgate Adds Portal Guns to Halo PvP

When I sit down with Splitgate: Arena Warfare lead designer Ian Proulx, he’s very upfront about the obvious inspirations for 1047 Games’ upcoming shooter: “it’s old school Halo mixed with...Read More

final assault

PAX South 2019 Preview: Wage Tabletop VR Warfare in Final Assault

While once prolific in the 90s, real time strategy games have ebbed in recent years. Controlling multiple units while managing resources, maintaining map awareness, and researching new weapons of war...Read More

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The 20 Most Exciting Indie Games from PAX South 2019

The fifth annual PAX South convention took place this month in San Antonio, Texas. The convention is smaller than other PAX shows, with an emphasis on indie games and tabletop...Read More


Pixelkin’s Most Anticipated Games of 2019

A large number of games on our 2018 list of most anticipated games were delayed into 2019 – which is all the more reason to get excited for the new...Read More

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Pixelkin’s 2018 Game of the Year

This year had some truly remarkable games. Games like God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, Celeste, and Dragon Quest 11 reflected a rich diversity of gameplay experiences. For Pixelkin’s...Read More

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character Unlock Guide

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a massive crossover fighting game, featuring an enormous roster of over 70 fighters. However, when you first start the game you’re limited to the eight...Read More

Pixelkin 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Gaming Families

When the most popular game on the planet is free to play on every available platform, including phones, what’s a parent or relative shopping for games to do? Despite its...Read More

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Pixelkin 2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Board Games

Board games aren’t exactly new, but they are a new addition to our Holiday Gift Guide. In an age of increasing reliance on digital screens, we recognize the value of...Read More