grandfather and grandson

Your Grandpa Can Play Video Games—And Beat You!

A few weeks ago, I interviewed my 83-year-old dad, Richard Breneman, about his life as a gamer. I also somehow convinced my 16-year-old nephew, Tyler Wojcik, to sit for a...Read More

Code spells header

CodeSpells: A Magical Exploration of Java

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on UW Bothell’s student-run media blog, The Next. CodeSpells is a fantastic resource for kids learning to make programs, and we encourage all parents...Read More

phoenix wright

You Should Play: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on The Next, UW Bothell’s student-run media blog. Capcom recently released the original trilogy of Phoenix Wright games for Apple’s iOS, and I...Read More

Troll banner

Dousing the Flames: Five Ways to Cope With Trolls

Editor’s Note: This piece was first published on The Next, a student-run media blog by UW Bothell. Online harassment is an issue in many online communities—games are no exception. For...Read More

get grandma and grandpa gaming

7 Reasons To Get Grandma and Grandpa Gaming

At Geek Girl Con 2013 in Seattle, I and my fellow Pixelkindred had the pleasure of attending “The Family Who Games Together: Gaming With Your Kids…AND Your Parents.” And what an inspiring session it...Read More


5 Games that Challenge Your Child’s Creativity

Wading through the multitude of game titles for children can be daunting. Every year I struggle to find games for my nieces and nephews that are both age appropriate and...Read More


Teachers Easily Make Games & Kids Have Fun Learning With Kahoot!

Check out this cute video of kids playing Kahoot! in the classroom. Who knew anybody could be so enthusiastic about a quiz?Read More