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Machine Cares: Exploring Life’s Complexities

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Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on UW Bothell’s student-run media blog, The Next. Machine Cares is a wonderful choice for teens—or for parents who are interested in a strong story about exploring mental health issues from a teen perspective.

Much has been written about games as learning tools or to foster empathy. Machine Cares by Failbetter Games quietly occupies this space, inviting the player to take a harder look at some of the serious issues faced by teens today. That makes it sound like a really heavy game—which it is, in a sense. But Machine Cares is careful not to sermonize. It’s a game that lets players come to their own conclusions. Read More

Broken Age

Review: Broken Age Act 1

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Double Fine’s Broken Age is an adventure game. Imagine playing a fantasy novel; L. Frank Baum or Diana Wynne Jones come to mind. The story guides you through spaceships, time travel, monsters, cakes, clouds, and magic as you help the two teenage protagonists, Shay Volta and Vella Tartine, break from the paths they were fated to follow. This is fantasy in a way we rarely—if ever—see in video games. Read More