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6 History-Based Games You Should Play With Your Kids, Part 1

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It’s no secret that video games have a bad rap as a hobby. The image of the stereotypical gamer is a teen or 20-something male (even though 47% of gamers are women) killing time with Call of Duty in the family basement.

It’s not always that way, though. Playing games can be a way to encourage intellectual curiosity, not just pass time. My passion is history, so today I’ll share a selection of games that, for the right teen, could kindle interest in the past.

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Angry Birds

A Master Teacher Advocates Powerful Games for Powerful Learning

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When I started my teaching career 15 years ago, a scenario in which teachers and their students were engaged together playing popular commercial video games sounded like a cool but highly unlikely idea. Recently, however, ideas and paradigms began to shift. Academics like James Paul Gee began to pay close attention to popular video games, considering them through the lens of learning theory. Researchers like Kurt Squire and Constance Steinkhueler began to explore the possibility of using popular games such as Sid Meier’s Civilization in an instructional capacity. Even noted game designers like Raph Koster suggested that rather than consider games digital diversions we should look at them as master teachers that make learning fun. Read More